Community and Welfare


Holy Family Catholic Primary School.



Quorum: 4


  • To review the following school’s policies, risk assessments and development plan priorities and make amendments where necessary:

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Principles Statement

Child Protection Policy

Home School agreement

Premises Management Documents

Health & Safety Policy & Procedures

H & S Policy Statement

Intimate Care & Toileting Procedure

Safeguarding Statement

Safety Info for contractors visiting school-

Single Equality Statement

Social Networking Policy

Supporting pupils with medical conditions policy & Procedure

Use of Children’s Images Procedure

Behaviour Policy

Statement of procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff

Register of pupil’s admission to school

Register of pupil’s attendance

Home School Agreement

Accessibility plan


  • To review and update the school induction procedure and make recommendations to the Governing Body
  • To receive reports from the Headteacher on the Welfare of pupils, Pupil Attendance and Pastoral Links within the school, in order to monitor, review and evaluate current practice
  • To hear and decide upon matters relating to Staff Dismissal and Pupil Discipline
  • To consider and decide upon any appeals against the decision of the first committee regarding Grievances and Complaints
  • To consider and decide upon admissions to the school adhering to the admissions policy of the school